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The BERZELIUS METALL GmbH (BMB), based in Braubach, is the foremost producer of lead and lead alloys along with polypropylene compounds. The company-owned logistic firms for battery recycling and the central purchasing department coordinate the collection, supply, distribution, and treatment of batteries, raw materials, secondary raw materials and wastes.

The three state-of-the-art smelters for winning primary and secondary lead – the BERZELIUS STOLBERG GmbH (BBH) producing primary lead together with sulphuric acid, the BSB Recycling GmbH which also recycles plastics and the secondary lead smelter Muldenhütten Recycling und Umwelttechnik GmbH with its integrated incinerator for hazardous wastes – underscore the status of BMB, a subsidiary of Eco-Bat Technologies Ltd., as the largest producer of lead in Germany.

Closed-circuit material recycling within the consolidated companies

The integration of an incinerator for hazardous wastes - enabling the recovery of the energy content of toxic wastes - in the allied subsidiaries, provides the closing link for the exemplary recycling of materials and wastes during the production of lead, plastics, and sulphuric acid.

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